What I Like About Pilates

Posted on: April 9th, 2012 by hanoverpilates

On the Hanover Pilates Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Hanover-Pilates/159830624110314 I have been regularly posting about why I like Pilates.  As with Pilates exercises, the possibilities are endless!


Kneeling Mermaid on the Wunda Chair


What I like about Pilates #1: If performed correctly, all of the exercises are so efficient that you never need to do more than 10 repetitions!


What I like about Pilates #2: I can do the Pilates mat anytime anywhere. When I was in grad school in Leeds, England, I had a very small bedroom with only a few feet between the wall and the bed. Despite the small size of the space, I could do a full workout and even found benefit in keeping my back against the wall during the side kick series — there was no way to cheat!


What I like about Pilates #3: Stretching while you strengthen. Each exercise provides flexibility and strength work. So often people do their gym-style workouts without a thought to flexibility training; alternatively they throw in a couple of poorly executed stretches at the end of the “important” part of their workout. Pilates offers the best in multi-tasking — no additional time required!


Short Spine Massage on the Reformer


What I like about Pilates #4: Pilates helps you understand, control and better live in your body. The exercises require the mind’s full participation. Precise muscular isolation and integration combine with ideal skeletal alignment, specific breathing patterns and movement dynamics. This allows you the opportunity to tune out everyday life and problems and focus on yourself/your body. “Me” time!


What I like about Pilates#5: Pilates helps you become more efficient and powerful in other activities and everyday movement. The muscular habits that you create through performing Pilates exercises translate into everything else you do, whether it be sports, lifting weights, dancing or just picking up you child or climbing the stairs in your house. Pilates makes for better living!


What I like about Pilates #6: Imagination! Joseph Pilates was always thinking and creating — exercises, apparatus, life. As I perform and teach exercises, my imagination runs wild with how I can improve my own form or that of my clients. The variations are endless as are the uses of the apparatus. I don’t think I will ever tire of thinking about Pilates!!








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