Welcome to Hanover Pilates!

Posted on: December 30th, 2018 by hanoverpilates

Welcome to Hanover Pilates —  Hanover County, Virginia’s only fully-equipped classical Pilates studio!

Equipped with Gratz Apparatus

For the latest updates on 2022 studio rates and Covid protocols, please follow the link to the January 2022 studio newsletter:


Hanover Pilates offers the area’s only training in classical Pilates – Pilates taught the way Joseph Pilates intended, no gimmicks. Having trained under Romana Kryzanowska, Mr. Pilates’ renowned protégé, certified instructor Julia Clime is well-versed in those intricacies that make the method so incredibly effective at enhancing the body’s strength, flexibility and control. Through the series of classes, students will progressively learn a range of basic and intermediate level exercises in a manner that allows each student to move safely while gaining the most benefit from the method. Ms. Clime has spent most of her 22 years as a certified Pilates instructor teaching group, private and academic courses at Goucher College in Baltimore, MD. She is adept at providing personal attention to students in a group class setting and has worked successfully with people of all ages and abilities.

Hanover Pilates Class Policies

  • There will be no refunds after the first class. If a student must discontinue the class due to a documented health condition or injury, he/she may receive credit toward private Pilates lessons at Hanover Pilates.
  • If there are two or more classes running during a session, students may do make ups in another class provided the class is at the same level or a lower level and there is space available. Make up classes must be completed within the current session.

Announcing the Hanover Pilates Referral Program!

Posted on: September 10th, 2012 by hanoverpilates

Now current, past and even potential students of Hanover Pilates are eligible to earn complimentary private lessons and discounts on group mat class sessions for referring new students to Hanover Pilates. 


Here’s how it works: 



If you refer someone who signs up for private lessons at Hanover Pilates, once that person has completed her/his 6th private lesson, you will earn a single private lesson of the same duration (30 minutes/55 minutes) as the person you referred.


If you refer someone who joins and regularly attends a group mat class, you will receive a 20% discount on your next group mat class session. 


Just make sure that whoever you refer knows to mention your name when they register for a class or start their private lessons. 

Working with Joe Pilates

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What was it like to work with Joe Pilates?  Check out this article.  I especially like the last lines:


Once you have learned Pilates, it becomes a conscience for your body the rest of your life. For me, pure Pilates is still the best. At 88, I still have my own knees and can bend to place my hands on the floor—and oh yes! Sqveeeeze!



What I Like About Pilates

Posted on: April 9th, 2012 by hanoverpilates

On the Hanover Pilates Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Hanover-Pilates/159830624110314 I have been regularly posting about why I like Pilates.  As with Pilates exercises, the possibilities are endless!


Kneeling Mermaid on the Wunda Chair


What I like about Pilates #1: If performed correctly, all of the exercises are so efficient that you never need to do more than 10 repetitions!


What I like about Pilates #2: I can do the Pilates mat anytime anywhere. When I was in grad school in Leeds, England, I had a very small bedroom with only a few feet between the wall and the bed. Despite the small size of the space, I could do a full workout and even found benefit in keeping my back against the wall during the side kick series — there was no way to cheat!


What I like about Pilates #3: Stretching while you strengthen. Each exercise provides flexibility and strength work. So often people do their gym-style workouts without a thought to flexibility training; alternatively they throw in a couple of poorly executed stretches at the end of the “important” part of their workout. Pilates offers the best in multi-tasking — no additional time required!


Short Spine Massage on the Reformer


What I like about Pilates #4: Pilates helps you understand, control and better live in your body. The exercises require the mind’s full participation. Precise muscular isolation and integration combine with ideal skeletal alignment, specific breathing patterns and movement dynamics. This allows you the opportunity to tune out everyday life and problems and focus on yourself/your body. “Me” time!


What I like about Pilates#5: Pilates helps you become more efficient and powerful in other activities and everyday movement. The muscular habits that you create through performing Pilates exercises translate into everything else you do, whether it be sports, lifting weights, dancing or just picking up you child or climbing the stairs in your house. Pilates makes for better living!


What I like about Pilates #6: Imagination! Joseph Pilates was always thinking and creating — exercises, apparatus, life. As I perform and teach exercises, my imagination runs wild with how I can improve my own form or that of my clients. The variations are endless as are the uses of the apparatus. I don’t think I will ever tire of thinking about Pilates!!