Grounded in both Eastern and Western forms of exercise, the Pilates method of body conditioning was created by Joseph H. Pilates early in the 20th century in order to help the human body reach and maintain its fullest potential for flexibility, strength and control. Focusing first on the muscles of the torso and the suppleness of the spinal column, the method strives to create a strong core that will both stabilize the spine in a healthy neutral posture as well as keep it safe through its fullest range of movement.

Furthermore, Pilates teaches the body to move from its center so as to create the safest, most graceful and most efficient actions whether one is performing an athletic feat or simply completing everyday tasks. The proper bodily alignment required by Pilates also helps to correct the muscular imbalances and poor movement habits that could result in injury. As a result of its effectiveness and safety and its splendid array of over 500 exercises on the mat and apparatus, Pilates has grown to be a favorite mode of exercise for everyone from the elderly to professional athletes, from young dancers to injured war veterans. With Pilates your body will change and your mind will never be bored.

Instruction & Fees

Private Instruction

Private Pilates lessons are available by appointment Mon–Thurs 10am-7:30pm and Saturday 9am-12pm. They include work on both the mat and apparatus and will be tailored by the instructor to the needs of the client so as to provide the safest and most effective workout possible.

All private lessons are by appointment and may be scheduled by calling 804.719.1773 or emailing hanoverpilates@gmail.com. Hanover Pilates accepts checks and cash.

Please note cancellations/rescheduling of private lessons require a full 24 hours cancellation notice by either phone or email to avoid being charged. See policies below.

55 Minute Private Lesson Rates

  • $78 – single lesson
  • $355 – package of 5 lessons ($71/lesson)
  • $680 – package of 10 lessons ($68/lesson)

30 Minute Private Lesson Rates

  • $58 – single lesson
  • $255 – package of 5 lessons ($51/lesson)
  • $480 – package of 10 lessons ($48/lesson)

55 Minute Duet Lessons (available for experienced students who can work semi-independently)

  • $53 – single lesson
  • $240 – package of 5 lessons ($48/lesson)
  • $450 – package of 10 lessons ($45/lesson)

Mat Classes

Small Group Mat Classes

Group mat classes are progressive and run in sessions of 10-16 weeks. They require a full session commitment. This format allows participants to systematically learn and advance Pilates exercises so as to derive the greatest benefit from them.

For more information on upcoming group mat classes, please go to the “News” tab on this website.

*There will be no refunds after the first class. If you must discontinue the class due to a documented health condition or injury, you may receive credit toward private Pilates lessons at Hanover Pilates.

Form Your Own Group Class/Corporate Package

If you are a business owner interested in a corporate package of group classes or just a group of friends wishing to start their own class, call 804.719.1773 or email hanoverpilates@gmail.com for more information on forming your own class series.

Not All Pilates Is Equal

Joseph Pilates intended his method to be taught to the individual in a one-on-one lesson so that the workout could be tailored to the specific needs of that body. His method is a system consisting of work on both the mat and the apparatus. As such, only instructors trained in the entire system can truly provide the student with the most complete, and thus the most effective experience with Pilates. In his day, Joseph Pilates only allowed someone to teach his method after a three-year apprenticeship with him. These days, there are many who have jumped onto the bandwagon, and after merely a weekend’s worth of training on the mat, call themselves certified instructors. While their intentions may be good, they will have only touched the surface of the great body of knowledge that is Pilates.

At Hanover Pilates, you will receive instruction from a teacher who has taken the time to learn the system as Joseph Pilates intended, through a rigorous apprenticeship of over 700 hours and under the guidance of Mr. Pilates’ hand-picked protégé, Romana Kryzanowska. In addition, with over 20 years of teaching experience and intensive annual continuing education, Hanover Pilates instructor Julia Clime is one of the most seasoned teachers in the Richmond area. Consequently, you will reap the full benefit of each exercise and come away feeling better than ever.

Julia Clime, B.A., M.A.

photograph of Julia Clime, B.A, M.A., principal instructor at Hanover Pilates

Originally from Maryland, Julia Clime studied dance at the Academy of the Maryland Youth Ballet and Goucher College where in 1997 she earned her B.A. in both Dance and French. While attending Goucher, Julie was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa and won several academic scholarships and awards. As a dancer, she has performed with the Maryland Youth Ballet, Kimberly Mackin Dance Company, Howard County Ballet, Baltimore Choral Arts Society, Baltimore Opera Company and Central City Opera. In 2002 she received her M.A. in Francophone Studies from the University of Leeds in Leeds, England.

Julia began her Pilates training with Elizabeth Ahearn and Lynne Balliette at Goucher College in 1997. She continued her training in New York City with Master Instructors Romana Kryzanowska, Sari Mejia Santo, and Bob Liekens, completing her Pilates apprenticeship in December 1999. From 2000 to 2001 and late 2002 to 2011, Julia taught at the esteemed Pilates Center at Goucher College. In 2003 she also joined the faculty of Goucher’s Dance Department, teaching academic courses in Pilates, ballet, and modern dance. In 2004 Julia received her Level 5 IITP (now Level 5+) Pilates Teacher Certification from Romana’s Pilates. Additionally, Julia has been accredited through ACE to provide continuing education to ACE certified fitness professionals and has co-created a Pilates matwork audio CD with instructor Laura Ward-Moran.

At first Pilates was a means for me to crosstrain while I danced, aiding me to correct imbalances in my body. It has allowed me to keep moving when injured and has assisted me in rehabbing those injuries. As an instructor, I love helping my clients return to movement after injury and to generally feel better in their bodies. I truly believe that movement is medicine and that Pilates is one of the most efficient and effective systems of movement ever devised.

~ Julia Clime, B.A., M.A.

The Studio/Location

Hanover Pilates is a newly renovated studio equipped with Gratz apparatus. Located in a semi-rural neighborhood in Hanover County, it boasts a private and peaceful environment while still being convenient to major roads — Rts. 301 and 54 as well as I-295 and I-95.



When we moved to Hanover 7 years ago, my husband and I could not believe our luck in finding Julie. She is dedicated, understanding, supportive and, at times, a task master. Exactly what we need and our bodies are better for it. We are stronger, healthier and more aware of ourselves because of Julie and Hanover Pilates.

~ Kim Terzian

I started with Hanover Pilates around two years ago. I have had a weekly appointment and have seen many benefits these past years. Years ago I had a laminectomy lower back surgery and I was looking for a type of exercise that would help with easing back pain. I now have been able to stop taking pain meds as more movement in Pilates class has helped greatly. Julie is very patient with me and is careful of my other knee injuries. She is accommodating when I need to change class dates. Coming to Julie’s classes has been such a blessing and taught me that I can still benefit from exercise even though my range of motion may have changed.

~ Carlee Walker

I am Sue Davis, an 82 year old Registered Nurse who retired four years ago from a very physically active position in a university neurosurgery clinic. I began my first Pilates lesson with Julie 3 years ago, January 31, 2017, and have continued with weekly 55 minute private lessons.

I had suffered with lumbar pain for 30 years and had been treated by a neurosurgeon with several epidurals and had regular physical therapy during those years. I faithfully did my PT exercises, walked 2 miles per day in addition to 3-4 miles at work and lap swam for 45 minutes three times a week, but continued to have intermittent pain.

After the first year of lessons I became free of back pain for the first time and have continued to have no pain until only recently when I was in a severe motor vehicle accident with physician orders for no exercise/exertion for two months during my recovery. I began to experience back pain two weeks ago which I am confident is a result in loss of core and muscle strength, but will be allowed to return to Pilates very soon. Julie has always been able to give me a lesson which has accommodated my limitations from knee and shoulder surgeries. I look forward to returning and working once again toward being pain free.

Julie is the consummate Pilates instructor!! Her studio is bright and inviting! In talking with other Pilates students I have come to realize all Pilates instructors are not created equally! You can be assured that Julie is the best!!

~ Sue Davis, R.N.

I have been working with Julie for the past 8 years and am continually amazed by the variety and challenge of Pilates. Julie’s extensive knowledge of body mechanics, anatomy, and posture combine to create a safe way to exercise no matter your age or physical condition. I credit Pilates for the core strength, flexibility and balance I need to do my job effectively, and Julie for encouraging me to always be a bit better!

~ Lynn Thompson, MSPT

Julie Clime is an absolutely excellent Pilates instructor. I studied Pilates mat and apparatus work with Julie at the Goucher College Pilates Center every week for seven years, and I can honestly say that I learned something new and felt challenged in every class that I took from her. Julie is extremely knowledgeable about and experienced in a full array of Pilates mat and apparatus exercises; she has impeccable form in every exercise as well as incredible strength, control, and balance. She teaches exercises wonderfully, providing laudable demonstrations and explaining the correct technique and muscles to engage. She provides both verbal and hands-on corrections that are precise, individualized and very helpful. She also incorporates variations and new exercises to ensure that clients learn the comprehensive Pilates repertory and receive both challenging and varied workouts. Additionally, Julie maintains a friendly rapport with all clients, creating a comfortable and enjoyable environment for classes. Pilates with Julie helped me tremendously to improve my core strength, body alignment and dancing. Julie was also fundamental in helping me to overcome imbalances caused by my scoliosis; in every class she attended to my spinal curvature and helped me to achieve straight, symmetrical placement. I have learned so much from her about both Pilates exercises in general and my own Pilates practice.

~ Gabbi Berkow, Dancer & student in Applied Exercise Physiology at Columbia University

Pilates is an art, it’s dance and it inspires. Embracing Pilates allows one to transform. A true teacher of such an art nurtures that transformation. Julie is a true teacher. She is the perfect balance between skilled mentor and inspirationalist. As a Pilates student for 13 years, I can say that by far Julie has made the deepest impact on me. She changes forever all those who have the great fortune of interfacing with her. Your journey with Julie will change your body, your mind and your life! Guaranteed.

~ Kathy Meinecke, Nurse

Julie has been a great teacher and constant source of inspiration to me. The enthusiasm and demand for perfection she brings to her classes is truly motivating and her wry sense of humor always lifts my spirits and takes my mind off the pain. I totally respect her remarkable Pilates expertise and awesome creativity. Her ability to challenge me and yet still adapt my workout to accommodate my frequent and various injuries has been nothing short of brilliant and very therapeutic.

~ Regina Stevens, Visual Artist and Pilates student of 15 years

I joined Pilates mat class 10 years ago at age 50. A few years later, I started private lessons on the apparatus with Julie. Julie helped me improve very real problems with body alignment despite my unwilling body parts. Pilates in general keeps me fit and strong. It has improved my posture, relieved many aches and pains and even helped my golf game. I recommend Julie as an instructor without hesitation. Pilates for life!!!

~ Elizabeth Peterson

Studio Policies

  • Cancellations and rescheduling of private lessons must be made a full 24 hours in advance or you will be charged for that session. In order to protect the safety of our clients, if Hanover County Public Schools have closed due to inclement weather, private lessons may be canceled or rescheduled at no charge.
  • Private lesson cards are valid for 6 months (exceptions — a documented medical condition or pregnancy). No refunds will be granted for unused portions after the card's expiration date. It is expected that clients purchasing these cards will commit to regular appointments.
  • Please arrive on time. Late arrivals will only be given the duration of their scheduled lesson. Clients coming to the studio for the first time should arrive a few minutes in advance to fill out registration material.
  • Please remove your shoes upon entering the studio. Keep all personal belongings in the waiting area. Silencing of cell phones is preferred.
  • All students are required to wear socks. Comfortable attire appropriate for working out and that allows for a full range of movement should be worn. Please do not wear clothing with zippers or large jewelry as these can damage the apparatus.
  • No food or drink is permitted in the studio with the exception of bottled water.
  • Please inform the instructor of any changes to your health prior to your lesson.


If you are interested in receiving more information, have a specific question or would like to be added to the Hanover Pilates email list, please send me a message at or call me at 804.719.1773.